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BREAKING: Hurricane Matthew; An Old Woman 95 Rescued Alive Barely A month After Disaster.

Port-au-Prince (CNN):As Dade Dagust walked home from the store last Tuesday to check on the debris of his deStroyed family house, the wooden frame gathered at a corner of debriS began to
shake. A few moments later,he heard unusual noise from the debris, voice screaming in pain for help but abruptly stopped.

And inside, under all the debris,after getting closer to the scene, he saw nothing and the voice had also lost in echoes.Little did Dade thought about seeing her grandmother again.He knew she was dead among the victims of the Hurricane Matthew.

“I started screaming and asking on debris of his destroyed family house neighbors for help,” he recalled in an interview this morning.

It looked at first glance as if the old woman could not have possibly survived.

The scale of the devastation is evident. Across the street lies a pile of rubble. Only the occasional soda bottle or piece of clothing sticking out from between some bricks gives any
indication that people once lived here.

The old woman rescued was quickly rushed to the hospital and she’s now getting well under intensive medical care.

“I went numb,” said Dade, who is 38. “I didn’t hear anything again after hearing that faint helpless voice.I didn’t know if she was alive or not.”

Dade’s story is one of the many stories to emerge after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti couple of weeks ago, killing more than 35,500 people and injuring more than twice that number.

“I had very little hope that my grandmother would be surviving by now,” he said.

The desperate family called the Haitian police. Police arrived at 6 p.m Tuesday. They, too, dug through the debris, but didn’t find the old woman.

The grandson also began to lose hope of finding his grandmother alive — until, from under the rubble, he heard the faint cries once again.

But night had fallen and there was little that could be done.

“It’s destiny,” a neighbor told Dade. “If she’s destined to live, she will. Or else God will take her away.”

The family went to sleep in a nearby field. Others were sleeping there, too, some because they were afraid of being trapped indoors, some because they had no homes left at all.

Haitian police had given up their search on Tuesday night but returned yesterday evening to continue their search and fortunately joy began flowing when she was spotted,locked helplessly in between two metalic strips inclined to each other far beneath the debris.

Her face was coated with dust. But she was alive.

A photo of her being lifted from the rubble has become the defining image of a disaster that has devastated the country. His unlikely rescue has given hope to a nation that has experienced so much loss.

In post-quake Haiti, few endings are entirely happy. Sadness abounds. And loss is everywhere.

The Dade’s family has no place to live because all they had toiled for have been destroyed.

Elizabeth Joseph reported from Haiti.
Don Melvin wrote from London.


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