BREAKING: Terrorist Hits Maracanã Stadium In Brazil|About 63 people dead

At least 63 people are dead at the main gate of the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro where the on-going Olympic Games is held as a series of terrorist attacks hits the city this morning.

Two loud explosions were heard inside the stadium around 15 minutes when there was an on-going activity in the stadium.

A police union official says there were two suicide attacks and a bombing near the national stadium.

According to the Federal Police in Brazil, the attack is suspected to be from the popular group ISIS.‘’Currrently we are stabilizing the situation for other activities to continue but per our checks we know the attacks is from ISIS’’ Police spokesperson revealed

Brazil Football Federation president Marco Polo Del Nero after the explosion minutes ago meet the press: “Sixty three people have been killed and several injured after a bomb explosion in front of stadium main entrance.”


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