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BREAKING:Hillary Clinton Is Confirmed Dead| Robby Mook Confirms

Hillary Clinton who was recently occupying the front pages of the media due to her sudden health complication is reported to have died shortly after being rushed to the hospital this early dawn,confirmed by her Campaign Manager, Robby Mook. Hillary Clinton is one of the few political female figures who have vowed to pursue the interest and economic emancipation of their people.

She had given the world, immigration-risk countries in particular, the greatest assurance they would ever love to hear but unfortunately could not live to pursue her dream due to the inevitable death that sweeps precious lives away regardlessly. She also aspired to boost U.S tourism by ensuring visa-free travels for all nationals who would love to tour the country.

She admitted that huge sums of monies are being lost from the tourism industry as tourist choose to visit countries with simplified immigration procedures.

Hillary Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia by her personal doctor after the US Democratic presidential candidate fell ill at a 9/11 memorial and fortunately was pronounced well and kicking but the Americans could not continue to live to hear the good news pertaining her health status.

She was diagnosed on Friday, the doctor said, but her condition was not made public until Sunday afternoon and just this hours of last dawn she couldn’t hold her breath anymore

Just hours earlier, a video was posted on social media, apparently showing Clinton stumbling and her knees buckling, before being helped by aides into a black van leaving the hospital where her wife encountered her sudden demise.

Stay glued as we go all length to bring you new developments pertaining her death


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