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BREAKING:President Rodrigo Duterte Cannot Enter China Next Week Due To The Following Reasons|Her Excellency Tsai Ing-Wen Confirms

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte who was to arrive in China for a state visit next week, a trip that has generated much enthusiasm among his country’s business community has been denied

access to the country abruptly. According to a letter from the Chinese presidential office,Her Excellency Tsai Ing-Wen has stressed on categorically she will not allow President Rodrigo

Duterte to enter her country until she sees peaceful co-existence between president Duterte and the American government despite the long term business partnership between the duo Asian

countries that has been in existence for ages.She kept on to say, China is in peaceful negotiation with American government to enter into a viable business affiliation and will not allow

Duterte’s visit to jeopardize the good step they have taken with the Americans.According to president Duterte, too, the visit was an opportunity, coming after months of his efforts to improve

relations with Beijing.China’s appeal is both economic and political. The Asian giant, the world’s second-largest economy, offers a lucrative export market for Philippine goods, and Duterte

has said he’s interested in securing investment for infrastructure projects in his country from Chinese investors.Diplomatically, Duterte’s overtures to China have come alongside his rebukes

of the US, the Philippines’ longstanding ally. He has condemned the US for its colonial legacy in the Philippines and spoken of weaning his country off American influence, citing Washington’s

declining economic and military power.

We are yet to receive response from president Duterte’s office and we promise to update you of any further development.


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