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France To Recruit More Workers From Senegal For its Infrastructural Projects On Free Eligibility Test

PARIS– The France Diplomatie yesterday updated the number of qualified designated countries that can work freely with free working visa eligiblity test, adding up Senegal as one of the beneficiaries.

At a request, Mr.Paul Badji, Head of Mission, Senegalese ambassador to France conducted last year,Mr Badji pleaded with France Labour Commission to extend its humanitarian concerns to the people of Senegal by assisting to create more job avenues for his people.Fortunately, during a review of the newly formed French Think Tanks and Infrastructural Project Agenda,Senegal was selected to enjoy free working visa requirements to France.

In this request, which was submitted last year took stock of the situation and recommended a series of measures to enhance the work of French think tanks and analysts and in particular to facilitate the mobility of Senegalese young employment scheme and to tighten up the cordial relationship between Senegal and its colonial master,France.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development is fully committed to supporting the development of think tanks and French new Working Visa Policy for the people of Senegal.

Senegalese passport holders no longer require eligibility test to obtain French working visa, that permit them to work freely in France.

An online application system has been put in place to allow all interested Senegalese passport holders to obtain authorization through the Electronic System.

This applies to persons who are intending to work in France only and not for visit or business purposes.

Head of Mission, Mr.Paul Badji said that the France Diplomatie arrived at the decision as a way of showing humanitarian concerns to the people of Senegal and also reiterated this will help build the good relationship that has been there for long between the two countries.

Information on how to obtain the authorization would soon be released.


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