REVEALED: Two Top Officials Named Among The Killers Of Itai Dzamara

A Zimbabwe human rights activist, Kennedy Masiye, has released a list of names rumoured to be behind the abduction and possibly death of Itai Dzamara and shockingly, two top officials have their names mentioned among the culprits.For some security reasons, the identities of the two top officials who are popularly known to be members of the incumbent party have been withheld

Writing on his social blog, Masiye asked his followers to share and spread the information as much as possible.

He also released the identity of the car used by Dzamara’s ‘killers’.Please share this as widely as possible surely someone knows.

The Police have this information but they have ignored,neglected or simply refused to investigate! They also have the cell phone number which allegedly sent the information which is 0778464424.

Names on the list include Tichareva Mubaira, Liberty Shamu, Owen Ziwanai Mazarura, Tendai Chinyani , Watson Marufu [KG6].The suspected vehicle used is a white double cab registration number ABG 2862.

A fearless Mugabe critic, Itai Dzamara disappeared after he was captured by suspected state agencies linked to the Central Intelligence Organisation(CIO).

The Zimbabwe police did not make any arrests or concrete investigations amidst claims that they are fully aware of the involvement of the state in the abduction.

It has been suggested many times that Dzamara’s killers are well known hit-men who operate in Harare and nearby areas.

There are hopes that someone from the secret service will talk about this, but up to now, nothing concrete has come out. The list given above is a first breakthrough as there has never been any names released publicly pertaining to the Dzamara case.

Some people have suggested that if money is used to pay anyone who reveals the whereabouts of Dzamara, then more information could be released by people linked to his disappearance.

It’s the brightest opportunity to have gone all length to ascertain the truth behind political game.

Stay tuned as we bring you latest update pertaining to this development.


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