Three Ugandan Pastors Executed In Saudi Arabia for Fornication

KAMPALA, UG — Three Ugandan nationals who were ministering the word of God in Saudi Arabia have been executed by hanging for fornication.

The three men of God used to minister in one of the largest churches in Uganda’s capital, Kampala before they left to the Arab country as freelance pastors.

The pastors whose names have been withheld for now pleaded guilty before a Sharia Court in Riyadh.According to the presiding Judge Ibn Saud, foreigners are usually given a lighter sentence while putting in consideration their ignorance of the laws. “But these are pastors and even if we are to judge them by their own scriptures, it forbids fornication. They have to face the law just as it is.” Judge Ibn Saud added.

The men of God were charged with “Zina”, an Islamic law that forbids fornication.

The ladies involved pleaded not guilty and were freed because they were raped. It has not yet been established if their bodies would be sent to their home country.

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