Vodacom To Make Internet Free For Users and Free Wifi For All Homes

Johannesburg – Vodacome South Africa has announced that the company would soon make internet usage free for its subscribers and also provide free wi-if access in all homes.

According to a statement issued by the company, this would have achieved long ago but lack of readily available radio frequency spectrum was hobbling South Africa’s national broadband hopes.

The statement blamed the government for sabotaging the company’s plans of making internet available to all.

South Africa’s government has been slow in implementing its digital broadcast migration project which is targeted at opening frequencies for faster mobile internet services such as 4G.

Government only started distributing a few thousand of its 5 million free digital TV set-top boxes for the poor late last year after missing several self-imposed deadlines since 2008. At this stage, it’s unclear when the process will be completed.

Siyabonga Cwele, minister of telecommunications and postal services, was also unclear in Parliament weeks ago about when spectrum could be auctioned off in South Africa exactly.

Vodacom says it loses nothing to make internet available for this generati


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