Women Blessers In Joburb To Begin Two Days Demonstration Against Bad Turn Outs And Dare To Go Naked On Street

It was in the news months ago that women blessees have emerged and increased in their number in Joberg but many including myself took the story as a hoax since most satire blogs were full of

stories on blessee and blessers.

Contrary to our thoughts, women blessers have really emerged in Joberg in their mass number and have publicly announced their intention to embark on two days demonstration against dwindled

sex business and have even added to go naked on street during these two days demonstration.They further warned the police if they try to friction and sabotage them from carrying out such an

exercise,they will go naked in their offices too.News gathered from the women blesser’s committee states t doors are opened to all energetic men from the age of 18.

In a press meeting held by the women for selected media houses in the country, they announced their presence and called on all patrons to patronise their services.

“It is in our own discretion to allow a man to be blessed by us. We have all rights to deny people we deem not fit to be blessed” – they added.

Few men who have been blessed by the women on several occasions were present at the press briefing to give testimonies.


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